At Home Massage
Massage At Your Home, Workplace, Parties and Events



Bring the luxury of a spa visit into your daily life!  At Home Massage offers relaxing Swedish and deep tissue therapeutic massage and Reiki at your home or workplace, hotel, camp, RV/trailer or cottage.  


                             Home Massage        $70/hour    $95/1.5 hours

                             Chair Massage          $1 per minute

                                                            $60 per hour  

                              Spa Parties                   $60 per hour           

                                        Mileage                       10 miles free then 50 cents/mile 


Jill gives the best massage I’ve ever had. It was heavenly! It created a rhythmic feeling of balance within that actually lulled me to sleep.   

Chris Wissley, At Home Massage Client

Imagine ending a restful massage by strolling to your bedroom for a nap or to sit outside, watch the birds, and feel the sun. Or receiving a stress-relieving chair massage at work and simply strolling down the hallway back to your office, refreshed and rejuvenated. With At Home Massage there is no need for you to hassle with traffic, gas, cold, snow or rain since you remain in the comfort of your home or office. 

Massage therapy and Reiki are well-worn natural paths to relaxation for tight muscles and stressed minds. They soothe aches and smoothe out muscles and soft tissues, which leads to looser, more flexible joints and a more freely-moving body. They can also release "feel-good" chemicals, such as endorphins, within the body.

Choose massage and Reiki for 100% natural stress relief as a treat or for regular maintenance.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you! 


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